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  • Kimono dealers in Kyoto Mimuro Corporation
  • Kimono dealers in Kyoto Mimuro Corporation


Tax-free shopping is available for purchases over 5,000 yen excluding tax.
Eligible for tax exemption: a foreign national with short-term stay (within 6 months), diplomatic, or specific residency status.
Please make sure to bring your passport with you.

Kyoto based Kimono store
with about 10,000 selection of high-end kimonos

Express your own personal style and beauty from a wide variety of choice at Mimuro.
We offer diverse selection of good kimonos at affordable prices.
It is welcome for us to share the moment with you introducing Japanese culture and at the same time supporting to find the most suitable &/or best one for you.
Spend some time experiencing the beauty of kimonos and enjoying the luxurious traditional atmosphere here in Mimuro.

  • Better quality at affordable prices
  • Please feel free to come
    as a Kimono Museum
  • English speakers available
  • Traditional atmosphere
  • Good access
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Floor Guide

An Exhibition Hall

Over 1,000 Yukata on display throughout the year, as well as other traditional clothing such as Jinbei, Happi and etc.

General Exhibition Hall

Full range of silk Kimonos such as Furisode, Homon-Gi, Tsukesage, Komon, Iromuji, Tomesode, etc.
Our collection showcases the hand-woven craftsmanship passed down through generations and traditional crafts from all over Japan.
We also offer a variety of products featuring hand-drawn, hand-dyed, and fully-embroidered designs.

Children’s Ceremonial Kimono

For Shichi-Go-San (Japanese traditional celebration such as 7,5,3, years old respectively), we have a variety of costumes, ranging from affordable polyester options to exquisite silk pieces.
We also offer range of accessories for children, including hair ornaments, Zori sandals, and bags to complete their look.
We also have a tea ceremony room where you can just pop in to see enjoying the atmosphere of Japanese culture.



586 Kusuriya-cho, Nakagyo-ward, Kyoto, 604-0066, JAPAN
Business Hours:Open from 10:00AM to 18:30PM everyday

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Direction for Mimuro

  • By train
    (Kyoto Subway Tozai Line)

    Get off at “Nijo-jo Mae” Station, then walk 5 minutes from exits ①or②

  • By train
    (Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line)

    Get off at “Marutamachi” Station, then walk 9 minutes from exit ⑥

  • By city bus

    Get off at “Nijo-jo Mae” Station, then walk 5 minutes